PRE Uni-Park

Science Park with University Connection for Transfer of Technology

The "resource university" and the research capacities of the Fraunhofer institutes have been successfully used in the PRE-Park concept right from the start. Now this aspect is also being realized geographically: With the PRE Uni-Park on the grounds of a former freight depot in the immediate vicinity of the University of Kaiserslautern, a global technology concept has been implemented. As a consistent evolvement of the PRE-Park itself, it again realizes the conceptual symbiosis of research, living, shopping, and leisure.

In an area of approx. 100,000 square meters, a science park was created to enable technology transfer via internationally renowned institutes such as DFKI – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the two Fraunhofer institutes IESE – Institute for Experimental Software Engineering and ITWM – Institute for Industrial Mathematics, and IFOS – the Institute for Surface and Thin-Film Analysis. In addition, the Innovation Center Westpfalz as an incubator for spin-offs from the University of Kaiserslautern can also be found there.

The difference to the PRE Park: The PRE UNI-Park is of particular interest to those institutes and start-up companies that are in contact with the university or the Fraunhofer institutes or that seek cooperation with them. Supplementary facilities that are envisioned in addition to lifestyle and service establishments therefore also include special support and consulting for innovative young companies.

The New Dimension of the Technology Hub Kaiserslautern

PRE UNI-Park: 100,000 square meters of area with 90,000 square meters net building area for transfer of technology, 17,000 square meters for residential use, regulatory and development measures implemented by PRE as trustee for the city of Kaiserslautern

Investments to date more than 80 million €

Support by the State of Rhineland-Palatinate and the city of Kaiserslautern


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